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About D8A

D8A is a design studio based out of Philadelphia. We work on a variety of creative projects including web applications, game development and graphic design.


Design & Branding

We can work with you to create a strong unique brand that speaks to your core values.

Data & Analytics

We're more than just designers, our programmers specializes in constructing data-driven web applications.


We work with teams around the world to help them craft better creative campaigns & strategies.


Programming: Full Stack, Python, R, Ruby on Rails, Django, C++, Java, PHP, iOS, Android, Swift, Node, XHTML

Design: Graphic Design, Project Management, White Papers, Technical Presentations & Copy

Other Tech: Big Data Systems, Technical Architecture, Natural Language Processing, Analytics, Mobile

Contact D8A

Get in touch with us and find out how D8A can partner with your company or organization. Email info@d8a.com