Data + Design + Impact

About D8A Group

D8A Group (a.k.a ‘the data group’) is a company that uses design and data-driven solutions to solve problems in a number of industries. Our history is rooted in civic technology and solutions for cities and public good but we also work with multinational enterprises, entertainment companies, and many other areas.


Smarter Cities

D8A has built dashboards that make it easy to surface trends and predictive patterns in public safety, municipal services, and finance to help officials make better decisions. D8A uses maps, social media streams, news feeds, and demography data to tell the story of cities.

Inclusive Design

Our team can work with your organizations to lead the design process of any project, large or small. We specialize in 'inclusive innovation', improving sale and customer satisfaction by ensuring no customer can't be reached.

Social Impact

We are committed to supporting communities all over the world. Wether it's working in areas of disaster relief, emergency response, or international human development, we come up with creative solutions to problems at scale where it matters most.


Programming: Full Stack, Python, R, Ruby on Rails, Django, C++, Java, PHP, iOS, Android, Swift, Node, XHTML

Design: Graphic Design, Project Management, White Papers, Technical Presentations & Copy

Other Tech: Big Data Systems, Technical Architecture, Natural Language Processing, Analytics, Mobile

Contact D8A

Get in touch with us and find out how D8A can partner with your company or organization. Email info@d8a.com